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In accordance with NHS England Guidance the Public Register displays declarations of interest made by our staff. The Summary section displays totals for the selected financial year. The Declarations section displays a list of recent declarations, which can be filtered and viewed individually.

Decision makers are defined as:
executive and non-executive directors
staff at Agenda for Change band 8d and above
non-agenda for change senior staff (including all other VSMs and all consultants) 
other administrative and clinical staff who have the power to enter into supply contracts on behalf of the trust, approve invoices or participate in decisions to buy equipment or add drugs to formulary, whether individually or at a trust committee.
Our definition does not explicitly include any individual who issues a prescription to a patient as part of their role where they hold no other clinical or financial decision-making responsibility.

Declarations from decision makers are ordinarily required
On appointment to the trust as a decision maker, to be completed within 28 days of starting in post.
On moving to a new role or when responsibilities change significantly
At the beginning of a new project/piece of work where there may be a material impact
As soon as circumstances change, and new interests arise.
Interests must be declared within 28 days of them coming into effect. 

Other members of staff are not explicitly required to make a declaration, but may need to do for specific reasons, for example where promoted to become a decision maker, or if they were to participate in a procurement process, or form part of a service evaluation.


Financial Year
Staff TypeStaff CountStaff That Have Made A DeclarationStaff That Have Not Made A DeclarationTotal Number of Declarations Made
Non Contracted2062318355
Decision Makers10511018333372
Non Decision Makers169321421155112660


Total Records: 809
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15/05/2024 - Katie Planche
Consultant/ Consultant
Clinical Private Practice
10/05/2024 - Jenni (Jenni) Frost
Senior Manager/ HCC295 Assistant Director
Nil Declaration
09/05/2024 - Zareen Italia
Consultant/ Consultant
Nil Declaration
09/05/2024 - George Hiner
Consultant/ Consultant
Nil Declaration
08/05/2024 - Christine Jenkins
Consultant/ Consultant
Nil Declaration
08/05/2024 - Andrea Gritz
Consultant/ Consultant
Nil Declaration
07/05/2024 - James Rosenberg
Consultant/ Consultant
Nil Declaration
07/05/2024 - Peter Martin
Building Officer/ Band 8D Strategic Development Surveyor
Nil Declaration
07/05/2024 - Franciscann (Franciscann) Ukposidolo
Senior Manager/ Head of Finance
Nil Declaration
06/05/2024 - Bernard Freudenthal
Consultant/ Locum Consultant
Nil Declaration
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Civica Declare Version 6.27



You can filter the interest declaration records by a combination of interest type, job role, value, period, decision making group and keyword. The keyword field compares the string you enter to both the full name of the staff member associated with the declaration as well as the description. Note that when filtering by 'Total to date' all interests that are continuous by nature will be returned against every search.


You can sort the interest declaration records by Date Interest Declared, Date Interesst Arose , First Name and Last Name

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